Rosa/Mei from Pokemon – Anime drawing- Ink

Rose/ Mei from Pokémon inked by G-pen for the first time using g pen of anime drawings as requested by my friend PocketMista I wish you enjoy my art people I can’t succeed without you guys supporting me, I wish you follow my blog

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11 thoughts on “Rosa/Mei from Pokemon – Anime drawing- Ink”

      1. Tbh I am planning to draw her again, will try to make it better because I draw this one in the hotel so I couldn’t do it the best I can.

  1. lol you hit like on one of my post. i wanted to find a chick into my hobby’s so i typed animegirl in search and you were first to show up. ahahahahha. great artwork would love to see you do a manga style comic. i bet you are a great writer too. you got a twitter i can follow? im working on a book in my spare time and YouTube. hope you have a great day Rami.

    1. In this case you read Bakuman manga?
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